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Hosted Telephone Systems

Why Choose Hosted Telephone Systems?

Hosted Telephone Systems (Hosted PBX), otherwise known as a Cloud-based telephony system are housed in secure data centres. Our telephony experts handle and maintain the technology and features of your hosted system. Customers who have a hosted telephone system are charged per user, per month for the service as opposed to an up-front capital expense with the on-premises phone system. There are both unlimited and metered minute plans to suit all types of customer requirements. As a result, customers can monitor the number of minutes spent individually by telephony users in a given month and can use the information to make performance or cost decisions.


  • Hosted Telephone Systems


    Lower setup cost, no maintenance costs, can use a monthly payment model

  • Hosted Telephone Systems

    Future Expansion

    We take responsibility for all expansion work and upgrades; system growth or reduction is easy to manage and software updates are delivered automatically.

  • Hosted Telephone Systems


    We control system software updating and maintenance processes; operational resources can be deployed elsewhere in your business.

  • Hosted Telephone Systems


    Cost effective, quick and easy, less dependency required for in-house IT resources and full system training supplied

  • Hosted Telephone Systems

    Recommended if:

    You don’t want to allocate IT resource and spend on telecom maintenance,  small organisations without in-house IT resources.


Tailored to meet your needs, for businesses of all sizes. The future of communications is cloud. Over 80% of UK businesses already use at least one fully deployed cloud-based application and the UK market for these hosted services is worth over £1.5bn. The tide is turning towards moving communications services off-site and hosting them where they are accessible to the entire organisation, using any device, at any time, wherever they are. With Cloud your safe from disaster.




Business success is unattainable without the right connections to the correct information, at the right time. That’s why more and more businesses are embracing Ericsson-LG connectivity solutions, which leverage new technologies to eliminate arbitrary obstacles blocking the information our customers and partners seek. By helping our customers improve their connectivity, we help them create new opportunities to get more from both business and life experiences. From the smallest business to the largest, customers can rely on Ericsson-LG’s comprehensive portfolio of wireless, wireline and optical solutions to create opportunities to do more with their business, now.


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