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ISDN for Business

ISDN for Business, a high-performance service delivering broadcast-quality voice and data transmission

Looking to communicate faster? Our ISDN for Business service provides excellent quality lines and calls to ensure your business is continuously providing the very best levels of communication. Our thoroughly trained and accredited team, work with customers to truly understand your needs which enables us to provide the most flexible and tailored ISDN and SIP trunking Business packages.

This fully symmetrical solution makes sure that your business has much faster transfers of information over the internet or a remote LAN connection. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) uses digital technology (VoIP) to transfer voice, data, internet applications and video conferencing and does all of this without the need for a modem. Your employee will also be able to send information and make calls simultaneously.

  • ISDN for Business

    What is ISDN?

    A high-performance service delivering excellent voice clarity across a continuous & reliable data transmission.

  • ISDN for Business

    Call Connections

    No call connection fees or minimum call charges on any phone line or mobile line. All calls billed per second, and there is no minimum call spend. We fix any faults within 24 hours of you contacting our team informing us about the fault.

  • ISDN for Business

    Add DDI Numbers

    Add additional direct dial numbers to your lines. Simply call into our team with your requirement.

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