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Social WiFi for Business

Social WiFi Network. A Customer-Centric Marketing Tool

A Social WiFi Network means customer and guests can respond positively to a quick and straightforward process when they log in to your WiFI network. Research suggests users become frustrated when they have to complete lengthy sign-up forms or go through multiple pages to get online, social login enables a quick easy to use system.

Social WiFi Network provides a free wifi connection for customers enabling customers to access your network using their preferred social media profile with a simple press of a button. The social login page encourages users to connect with your brand socially, immediately boosting your social media presence. All done in a secure and legally compliant way. Once connected; your business leverages rich, accurate data so you can understand who your guests really are and subsequently you will create meaningful marketing campaigns, providing an invaluable marketing tool.

Allow your customers to connect to a secure, data safe WiFi environment for free using Social WiFi. Peach cloud solutions allow customers to access your WiFi within the realms of GDPR. You will gain access to a wealth of rich analytics and enhanced demographics. Take action with our suite of WiFi marketing tools and connect it all up to your existing CRM.

  • Social WiFi

    Connect to any device

    Enable your users to connect to your Social WiFi on any device, allowing them to browse your public WiFi.

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    Detailed Reports

    Gain incentive analytics from your customers while they are connected to your Social WiFi.

  • Social WiFi

    Fast Service

    Your customers will have a fast and easy to use service connecting to your Social WiFi.

Social WiFi for your customers is easy…

Social WiFi provided by Peach Technologies

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    Grow your email list

    Offering free WiFi will enable the capture of email addresses from existing and new customers that can be used for email marketing.

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    Time saving marketing

    Our WiFi comes pre-packed with built-in email marketing tools to help you easily attract your customers back to your venue.

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    Increase your social audience

    With our WiFi service, your business will benefit from genuine Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers.

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    Generate money

    More people, new and existing, visiting more often, spending more money.

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