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WAN & MPLS Solutions for Business

WAN & MPLS provides extreme high-speed multi-site data networking giving you control and cost savings

WAN & MPLS Service (multiprotocol label) from Peach Technologies enables customers to use a single network for their data, voice, video and business applications. MPLS networks from Peach provides the foundation that connects your data centres, corporate headquarters, and branch offices to the business applications needed for success.

MPLS & WAN is an IP VPN service; it’s a network foundation that enables Wide Area Network communications. Peach customers can converge their multiple networks on to our MPLS WAN service, allowing customers to use a single system for their data, voice, video and business applications. Multiprotocol label switching provides the foundations that connect data centres, headquarters, and branches to business applications.

MPLS & WAN is a robust option for your enterprise if you require extreme security. Peach Technologies MPLS & WAN solution provides a secure, any-to-any service across a dedicated Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Customers can converge and prioritise user traffic to enable applications such as email do not compromise essential applications such as telephony and video.

Peach Ethernet (generate a price) access is used to connect to our MPLS & WAN network. Enterprise customers find that telephony, video, data and other applications on one MPLS & WAN Solution streamlines management of your infrastructure due to a single point of control for all of your critical functions and our dedicated UK based helpdesk.




  • WAN & MPLS


    Speeds of information transferred between sites will rapidly improve within an MPLS network. Data isn’t sent over the Internet and therefore doesn’t require encryptions.

  • WAN & MPLS


    Business critical traffic (e.g. CRM) performs more efficiently within an MPLS network, improving service levels, staff outputs and customer experience.

  • Fibre Business Broadband

    Resilience & Reliability

    If a major link in the MPLS network goes down, traffic will quickly route to an alternative path. Therefore network downtime is greatly reduced.

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    When your business grows, new sites, remote workers and applications can be rapidly configured and deployed onto your MPLS network with minimal effort and cost.

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