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Hosted Telecoms Solutions for Business

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Hosted Telecoms for Business

Hosted telecoms for business enables customers to use all business phone features whether in the office or not. Maintenance and upgrades are automatic eliminating costly and disruptive on-site visits.

  • Hosted Telecoms for Business

    Mobile Phone First

    Hosted telecoms for business enable employees to be dynamic and connected.

  • Hosted Telecoms for Business

    Easy to adopt business phones

    Set up is easy with multiple deploy options and hassle-free installs and deployments.

  • Hosted Telecoms for Business

    Future Focused Tech

    Hosted telecoms for business solutions empower dynamic minds with a host of apps and connected devices.

  • Hosted Telecoms for Business

    Mobile integration

    Hosted telecoms for business solutions create an office on the move.

  • Hosted Telecoms for Business

    Increased productivity

    Hosted telecoms for business solutions reduce communication latency, create easy provisioning and combine multiple systems.

  • Hosted Telecoms for Business

    Using a traditional systems?

    Hosted telecoms for business solutions give employees what’s needed everywhere.

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Featured telecoms for business solution of the month:

Mitel Phones Systems

The brains of this system reside in geo-redundant data centers that provide service in the rare event something goes down. Information and voice calls pass over the public internet to reach their final destination using VoIP. Employees enjoy the same service whether they are in an office or working elsewhere. View our range of Mitel business phones here or you can visit the Mitel website to view the same range of business phones.

Capture customer interactions, increase productivity, reduce response time and build better relationships when you connect MiCloud Office to your CRM system. This easy-to-install system enables you to edit information directly from MiCloud Office to ensure records are updated timely and accurately.


MiCloud Mobile: Watch the Video Here

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