Uncontended Business Connectivity, Guaranteed With Ethernet for Business

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Your very own uncontended connection means you never compete for bandwidth

Ethernet for business is ideal for businesses that simply cannot afford to lose connection to the internet. Our ethernet connectivity options come stacked with guarantees of 100% service availability, 5 hour service level agreements, zero downtime and symmetric speeds up to 10Gbps. This service is perfect for any business transferring multiple file sizes from multiple machines throughout demanding working days. Ethernet is a must have for companies needing to talk across the globe via internet connections and MPLS needs, ensuring you are always connected. This permanent, high performance network always handles the most demanding business needs across customer voice and data and internet traffic, leaving your business perfectly situated to deal with the most demanding file sizes.


  • Ultra-Fast

    Our Ultra-fast, uncompromised connectivity is available across the UK, you will never compete for bandwidth

  • Premium Grade, High Speed Business Ethernet

    Cost Saving

    Reduce your business costs with a leased line service and benefit from Ultra-fast connection, available across different contract lengths



    Our Leased line offering comes with bandwidth levels from 2Mbps – 10Gbps delivering a perfect business growth solution

  • Premium Grade, High Speed Business Ethernet


    Uncontended bandwidth means exactly that! We will enable your business to work to it’s maximum potential

  • No Limit

    Site-to-site connectivity with no overheads for maximum throughput

  • Voice, Video & Data

    Our leased line service is perfect for businesses with multiple communication methods

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