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Social WiFi for Business

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How Social WiFi can help your business

Allow your customers to connect to a secure, data safe WiFi environment for free using Social WiFi. Enabling our cloud software over the top of your existing network allows customers to access your WiFi legally and securely. Ensuring visitors can log in quickly through a branded login journey, using their preferred social media profile at the press of a button.

Gain access to a wealth of rich analytics and enhanced demographics. Take action with our suite of WiFi marketing tools and connect it all up to your existing CRM.

  • Connect to any device

    Allow your users to connect to your WiFi on any device, allowing them to browse your public WiFi.

  • Detailed Reports

    Gain incentive analytics of your customers while they are connected to your WiFi.

  • Fast Service

    Your customers will have a fast service connecting to your WiFi and getting their every day lives sorted.

WiFi for your customers is easy...

  • Search

  • Social Login

  • Social Like

  • Data Capture

Growing your email list

Offering free WiFi will enable the capture of email addresses from existing and new customers that can be used for email marketing.

Increase your social audience

With our WiFi service, your business will benefit from genuine Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers.

Save time on marketing

Our WiFi comes pre-packed with built-in email marketing tools to help you easily attract your customers back to your venue.

Generate money from new and existing customers

More people, new and existing, visiting more often, spending more money.

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