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WAN & MPLS Solutions for Business

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WAN provides extreme high speed multi-site data networking giving you control and cost savings

WAN is a highly scalable service perfect for any business that anticipates growth and additional business sites. As a leading Internet Service Provider, Peach is proud to be able to offer a varied range of connectivity options. We are experts in our field boasting multiple accreditations from Microsoft and other partners. We guarantee that our multi-site data network will meet your requirements whether you are a large or small business.

We provide our MPLS solutions as a centrally managed service that drastically simplifies your networking between sites while eliminating the need for routers, configuration and ongoing complex management at each business site used within your company. Our performance enhancing SLAs and class of service options guarantee your core network is also optimised for running SIP trunks, hosted telephony services or other real time applications.

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