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Client Data & IT Systems Secure?

Are your systems protected as rigorously as your clients? Peach IT & Data Protection services will protect you from threats & targeted cyber attacks.

Expert IT and Data Security Solutions for your law firm

The IT and Data Security of our customers IT infrastructure is ingrained within our technical team’s psychology. Whether common threats, or sophisticated, targeted cyber attacks, our IT and Data Security services combine elite threat intelligence, advanced detection technology, and expert security analyst coverage dynamically protecting your organisation 24/7. Peach customers enjoying Managed IT Support Services receive IT and Data Security services as standard within their package, for more information on Managed IT Support Services Packages click here.

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Key proven data and system features:

  • Managed IT Support Service

    Managed Firewall

    Simplified management and streamlined operational use combined with monitoring means our firewall technologies support your legal business from every angle.

  • IT and Data Security

    Advanced Malware Protection

    Security Analysts combine security intelligence with advanced technology to accurately diagnose and target threat elimination. This means your law firm and client data is extra safe.

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    Increased Employee output

    You can maximise the system resources used by your workforce by freeing up more resource levels while protecting software operations.

  • Virtual Hosted Desktop

    Endpoint Security

    Quickly detects and responds to threats targeting your employees and online endpoints. Responsive elimination equals better productivity for your lawyers and associates meaning you can continue to fight legal battles and not IT security.

  • Live Monitored Server Protection

    Our systems efficiently Identify and respond to threats using your servers. This essential solution means your customer data remains protected, a vital requirement of GDPR. Which is one less thing your legal business won’t have to fret over.

  • Managed IT Support Service

    24/7 System Monitoring

    Around the clock monitoring guarantees any potential problems resolve before they disrupt your network. System Monitoring means you can concentrate on your paperwork and research, and not your IT.

Why do I need Protection?

Holding client records and company details are all valuable data waiting to be accessed by harmful viruses and hackers.


  • of data breach victims in this year’s
    report* are businesses with under 1,000 employees.


    of businesses hit by a disaster
    never re-open if your systems go down.

* Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report