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NEC iCall

A complete healthcare communication solution for patients, residents and nurses.

Need an efficient Nurse Call System?

In all healthcare environments, numerous technologies are mixed into one system and are supplied by different suppliers. Sometimes these are connected to each other but mostly not integrated. So who’s taking responsibility for the performance of all these systems tied together? The challenge is to find a real one-stop-solution for the complete care communication system, including nurse call, notification and telephony which is why Peach want to provide you with NEC iCall.

iCall from Peach is the solution


  • Logging Control

    Every event in the nurse call system can be logged, including nurse staff ID. Any outgoing phone call and technical system alert are registered, so full control is guaranteed.


  • Wiring and Retrofit

    In retrofit situations with standardised nurse call needs, super intelligent call units can be connected. iCall can be built on existing wiring from your old nurse call system.


  • Staff Wireless DECT Handsets

    Nurses are moving around the premises constantly. Since the speed of reaction time after a nurse call is the highest priority, NEC equips nursing staff with wireless DECT handsets.


  • Easy Maintenance

    A Peach technician can remotely access the call units, the notification server and telephone system in order to program, diagnose or change settings.


  • Open Standards

    Flexible integration capabilities mean that iCall is able to interact with applications coming from other systems, like fire alarm systems and localisation systems.



Wiring and Retrofit

The renewal of any other nurse call systems in an existing environment frequently demands the replacement of all cable infrastructure. This happens in both common areas and occupied rooms which disturb residents in their living areas or patients in their recovery time. However, with iCall, super intelligent call units connect over any 4-wire cable in any topology so it can be built on existing wiring from your old nurse call system.

The actual cost of a retrofit project is at least double that of the new nurse call system.

Watch our NEC iCall Video

What if you could immediately know the reason of the room call?