IT Related Issues? You can depend on Peach. Try our Managed IT Service - 30 Day Free Trial

Managed IT 30 Day


We are so confident our service will optimise your business,
we want you to trial it for 30 days!

Our award-winning Managed Support Services ensure you can run your business with the peace of mind that your systems are in great shape. Disaster recovery, virus protection, can’t print, can’t work! Our proven technologies from cloud solution to 24/7 monitoring and self-healing technology reduce issues, stress and maximise the time your staff can operate. We carefully choose our suppliers and products to give you the best of breed in service and solutions. We are a Microsoft Gold, CISCO and HP partner to name but a few.

We will work with you to look at options and identify the one which will best suit your Managed IT needs. We can also provide connectivity management solutions meaning you can limit the amount of time staff spend browsing the internet or limit access to certain times of the day, such as during the lunch break.

Our FREE TRIAL provides our customers with reassurance. After your trial has expired there is no obligation to continue. At Peach Technologies we always ‘Make Technology Simple’  this includes making it simple for you to make the correct decision for your business, this is why we encourage you to try before you decide to buy.

What's included in your 30 day free trial

What can you expect during your 30 day free Managed IT Trial?
We will explore, define and deliver.

An overview of the trial. We will carry out the following:

  1. An initial audit to ensure we can support your systems and understand how they work.
  2. Provide you with our active fix technology agent which allows us to remotely support you and carry out daily housekeeping on your computers.
  3. Install a disaster recovery backup solution ensuring all of your data is safe and secure should you have an issue.
  4. Provide you with our contact details direct to our dedicated support team and support you for 30 days.
  5. At the end of your trial, your account manager will provide you with a report showing what support we have carried out throughout your trial. This is a great opportunity to also find out about your systems and how robust they are.

Once your 30 Day Free Trial is complete we will work with you to ensure you receive a Managed IT Service to perfectly suit your business needs and requirements. If you feel our service is not for you, you are free to cancel the 30 Day Free Trial, zero strings attached, this is our promise to your business.