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Virtual Hosted Desktop for Business

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What is Hosted Desktop?

With an increasingly accessible world of business developing yearly, our customers are becoming more reliant on the ability to access their business platform on the go. Our Virtual Desktop solution gives employees within your business the freedom to access files, business applications and emails wherever there’s an internet connection.

Whether waiting for transportation or putting in extra hours at a coffee shop, you’ll see your virtual desktop just as you would at the office, on any device – laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. You can feel reassured that our system is hosted securely within our Tier 3+ UK data centres. What’s included:

  • Local Managed IT Support Services

    Business IT Integration

    Securely access your full IT infrastructure from any location across the globe.

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    Reduced IT Costs

    Save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. With Hosted Desktop, one computer will provide you with all your IT requirements, anywhere.

  • Local Managed IT Support Services

    Business Continuity

    We guarantee that your work is backing up daily in the background to ensure valuable business assets are never lost.

  • Security for business

    Secure & Reliable

    Your security is paramount to us and our super secure SSL encryption is constantly protecting things such as online banking.

  • Local Managed IT Support Services

    Fully Managed IT Support Service

    Leaving your IT operations to us within our cost-effective solution connects your entire workforce increasing productivity and business.

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    Work from Home

    Workforces are becoming increasingly agile. Hosted desktop enables employees to access system data and applications from home.

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