Disaster Recovery Services from an Award Winning Company

Disaster Recovery Services, Protect Your Businesses

Disaster Recovery Services from an award-winning company

Disaster recovery empowers business continuity which is a necessity for all businesses that rely on technologies to operate. At the heart of our IT Support Services are robust and specialised skills that ensure IT and Data recovery in the event of disasters. The ability gained from our Disaster Recovery services to recover your entire IT infrastructure if the worse happens can be essential to a customer’s operational survival.

We guarantee all Disaster Recovery and Managed IT Support Service customers are backed up and placed within our Disaster Recovery initiative ensuring valuable business data is not lost. Virtualisation has made Disaster Recovery an affordable and reliable enabler for organisations of any size. Virtual disaster recovery solutions, ensure guaranteed business continuity during a critical outage. Customers gain enterprise-class service levels resulting in peace of mind that systems and data can be recovered – whatever the disaster! 

  • Disaster Recovery Services

    Data Loss Avoidance

    Backup & Replication provides multiple options to meet your business needs whilst ensuring the fastest, most efficient backups for your business.

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    High-Speed Recovery

    High-Speed Recovery provides a variety of capabilities to tackle virtually any recovery scenario. We back up customer business data incrementally every 24 hours.

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    Complete Visibility

    We monitor your IT system health, troubleshoot performance, plan your backup infrastructure and manage data regulatory compliance requirements.

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