Specialist Managed IT Support Service for Schools & Colleges

Managed IT Support Service for Schools & Colleges

Are your IT issues leaving you with a headache?

Peach Education, a dedicated Managed IT Support Service for Schools & Colleges

Peach Technologies helps schools and Colleges across the UK with specialised Managed IT Support Service for Schools & Colleges. Peach Technologies is a multi-award winning Microsft Gold Partner with over 12 years experience in the education sector.

Recent public sector establishments hacked

Many experts believe schools will be next, is your network secured to withstand a cyber-attack?

Pressure from OFSTED

With curriculum changes looking to give students a more IT filled education, how do you budget for these changes going forward?

Budget cuts spread and support is thin

Budgets have been going down year on year and demand for technology has been rising, are you sweating your assets as effectively as possible?

Too busy to cope with IT demand?

With more and more technology being introduced into schools do you have the time and knowledge to implement everything?

Printer issues

Time consuming and expensive, Peach print solutions save schools on average 30% on their printer costs

Managed IT Support Service for Schools & Colleges, support educators across the UK

Peach Education is an all-encompassing modern IT support package providing Managed IT Support Service for Schools & Colleges. IT equipment is pro-actively monitored and maintained 24/7 and includes encryption to maximum security which enables us to spot and intercept problems to keep your IT ‘as silent as possible’. We will become an integral part of your organisation through our pro-active systems.

What will you receive from your Managed IT Support Service for Schools & Colleges?

  • Managed IT Support Service

    Proactive maintenance eliminating problems before they happen.

  • Red Cog Icon

    Highly accredited engineers when you need them

  • Red Calendar Icon

    Dedicated Account Manager Scheduled visits 24/7 Support totally unlimited

  • Red Squared off Person Icon

    Free IT advice and direction

  • Outsourced IT Support Services

    Maximise use of time with a stable IT platform

  • Virtual Hosted Desktop

    Low fixed costs

  • Managed IT Support Service

    Planned maintenance outside of school hours

  • Red Touch with Finger Icon

    Help desk to empower your organisation

As you promised us, the transition was extremely smooth and without any inconvenience to us.

Nicola Bugden
Horndean Technology College

“Keep your IT silent”

What is silent IT?

Keeping the lights on means that our industry-leading, pro-active products and services ensure your systems, your network and your applications are available whenever you and your department need them. By keeping IT as silent as possible we mean IT isn’t noticed and working optimally.

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