Virtual IT Director Service from an Award Winning Company

Virtual IT Director Service

A Virtual IT Director service stimulates
business growth via expert IT direction

Regular audit performance reports and asset registry.

Our Virtual IT Director services focus on the strategical aspects of corporate IT such as reviewing your IT and IT Security Policies while proactively implementing IT changes to bring your organisation in line with IT infrastructure best practices.


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    Change Management

    Proactively in place for when your business needs to change direction and implement new technologies

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    Leadership Guidance

    Overall IT policy, direction and budgeting

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    Forward Thinking

    Microsoft Certified experts performing risk analysis to eliminate costly mistakes

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    Technical Direction

    Attendance at management and board meetings

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    Dynamic Influencing

    Management and quality assurance of third-party suppliers

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    Reliable Relationship

    Telephone availability for general technical discussion

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Why a growing business needs a Virtual IT Director

Typically, smaller companies do not have the benefit of a senior level representative with a portfolio of commercial, leadership and technology skills to drive IT. Primarily, this is often due to the cost of employing such an individual and the business requirements not necessitating a full-time position. At Peach Technologies we supply you with a Virtual IT Director (VID) as an ideal solution.

Whether you’re an ambitious start-up, SME or commercial enterprise, our Virtual IT Director service will help. With proven skills across a wide range of sectors, we have the experience to design and implement the services, solutions, and strategy to deliver a wide range of business goals.

  • Managed IT Support Service

    What we do

    We will discuss your vision for technology in your business and your overall goals. We will then put in place a Virtual IT Director to develop, deliver and guide your IT strategy to its objectives.

    Customers can expect to see:
    + Increased productivity
    + Cost reduction
    + Future-focused technologies

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    How we do it

    Peach Technologies has over 12 years of experience providing businesses with a range of Connectivity (Ethernet and Broadband), Cloud Solutions, IT Support Services and Telecoms. Our experts focus on saving customers money whilst delivering commercial results via our services.

    Microsoft Gold Partners with Peach Technologies

  • Virtual Hosted Desktop


    The overall cost is £750 per month, this price provides everything you would receive from a IT Director at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time member of staff.


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