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Peach Adept

Our dedicated team of technical experts ensure your systems function optimally. Peach employees are Microsoft Certified, and Peach Advanced systems are aligned to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to ensure pragmatic and consistent delivery of service. By using Peach as your IT Managed Support Service provider, you are enabling your business with the IT reliability needed to productivity levels.

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Peach Adept is for organisations of all that demand a professional service with dynamic solutions from qualified and certified IT, experts. Peach Adept provides a single point of contact and a variety of services that ensure all business related IT issues become resolved pro-actively. Our extensive dedicated resource of IT experts become your silent IT partners, IT downtime within your company is minimised, in turn maximising productivity. Suitable for  15+ users. Adept is our pro-active IT support and monitoring package. This robust solution works 24/7 enabling businesses to work at maximum productivity levels. Suitable for  15+ users.

“Peach were absolutely brilliant, they arrived promptly, happy and enthusiastic and knew exactly what he was talking about. They kept me informed of what was happening at every point, listened to what I needed and showed everyone thoroughly the new system.”

Simon Pearson – The Property Explorer