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Chocolate Craft


Project Brief

Researching into Chocolate Craft initially, we decided to change the design from a mainly black and pink website to a brighter white and pink design to modernise the look under the clients guidelines. The client did not want their pink tone to be overused and “girly”, so it was used as an accent colour and the styling of the type.

As chocolate is a very visual matter, we decided to use videos and images on a large scale and incorporated chocolate temporing videos so potential customers could gain better insight into what they would be doing on the day of their party/event.

We used lots of circles in the design to mirror the chocolate box they used in their packaging and we wanted the design to feel like you were browsing through a chocolate box. We kept negative space in mind to balance the use of lots of images.

Chocolate Craft website

Peach have designed a website to exceed our expectations and have been a delight to work with.

Debbie Carter, Owner, Chocolate Craft

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