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Regents Park Blinds

A full brand re-design and website design and development package for a premium blinds and curtains company.

We created a sophisticated and stylish website with soft, earthy, natural tones relating to stone and wood giving the subtle impression of high-quality, sturdy material as is each of their products. This is paired with a complex logo in an illustrative, ornate style to mimic the Regents Park gates in London.

A successful juxtaposition of two contrasting elements with a regal logo layered with modern, minimal background design meets the clients desired brand tone. The overall layout has plentiful negatived space with clever animated drop down images to imitate the movement of blinds and curtains.

A simplistic burger menu has been used for this minimalistic site. Menu items drop-down and appear as slats in a blind to echo their products again.

Regents Park Blinds Layout

Small details that make the perfect site for your business


Slide in curtains style image animation



Drop down blinds style image animation


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